Bertrand MAGY, Executive Officer

He is in charge of general management and lead the developments of ATB technology. Bertrand has a PhD in bio-engineering and a master in management from UCL (University of Louvain).

Max Houry, Science & Business Officer

He manages intellectual property of ATB Therapeutics and lead candidate development. Max has a master in molecular biology and a combined master in management and SME creation from UCL.

Ludwig Camusot, Business Officer

Is main focus is business strategy. Ludwig holds an MBA from Solvay Business School. He has a solid biopharma expertise gained across various position such as global market access and life cycle management at Johnson-Johnson , management of bio-oncology division at AstraZeneca BeLux. More recently, he co-founded and was CEO of the Belgium oncology biotech Camel-IDS.

Sébastien Mercx, R&D project leader

He is responsible of operational research and development. Sebastien manages R&D activities. Sebastien has a PhD in molecular biology from UCL.

Nicolas ZEIPPEN, Associate Scientist

He brings his valuable industrial experience in recombinant protein production attained at Unisensor to the R&D group.
Nicolas has got a master in molecular biology from University of Namur.

Anaïs JADOT, Administrative assistant

Anaïs is supporting part-time the financial and accounting management of the company. Anaïs is also Direction assistant at the Fiduciaire de Wallonie.